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Aquajogging is like running, but in a swimming pool! You put on a special belt that helps you float while you move your legs like you're jogging. The water in the pool helps support your body and makes it easier to move your legs without hurting your joints or muscles.

When you're aquajogging, you can adjust the speed and intensity of your workout just like running on land. You can even wear water weights on your wrists and ankles or use water dumbbells to add extra resistance and make your workout more challenging.

It's a great exercise for people who want to stay active but have injuries that prevent them from doing high-impact activities. It's also good for athletes who want to cross-train and work on their endurance and strength without risking injury.

Overall, aquajogging is a safe and effective way to get a full-body workout without any impact on your joints or muscles. So, jump in the pool and start your aquajogging adventure!