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Crop weeds

Crop weeds are just like the weeds that grow in your garden or on the lawn, but they grow among plants that people want to grow to eat or sell. These unwanted plants can take up space and resources that are meant for the crops we want to grow, and they can make it harder for the plants to get enough water, nutrients and sunlight.

Weeds can grow really fast and they can be very hardy, meaning they can survive in different weather conditions and soil types. If they are allowed to grow unchecked, they can compete with crops and even cause them to fail.

To get rid of these pesky weeds, farmers use different methods such as hand-pulling (which is like pulling up weeds from your garden), cultivation (which is like tilling the soil to uproot the weeds), or using special chemicals called herbicides that target and kill the weeds.

Farmers work hard to make sure that the crops they grow are healthy and strong, so that they can produce lots of food for us to eat. Getting rid of weeds is one important part of this process.
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