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Fair procedure

Okay, so have you ever played a game with your friends and someone said, "Hey, that's not fair!"? Fairness means treating everyone the same and giving everyone an equal chance.

Now, when grown-ups talk about "fair procedure", they mean following rules to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Think of it like this: If you and your friends want to play a game, you will make some rules first so everyone knows how to play. These rules are like procedures.

So, to have a fair procedure in a game, it means that everyone follows the rules so that it's a level playing field. Nobody cheats or breaks any rules, and everyone gets a fair chance to win.

In grown-up situations like at work or in court, fair procedures are even more important. It means that people are treated fairly and have an equal chance no matter who they are.

So, to sum up: having a fair procedure means following rules so that everyone has an equal and fair chance. It's like playing by the rules when you play games with your friends.
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