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History of telecommunication

Telecommunications are how people send information over long distances, like messages and images. It started way back in the 1800s when people used things like flags, smoke signals, and drums to send signals from one place to another. In the later 1800s, the telegraph was developed. The telegraph was like a machine with a keyboard that you could type your message into. This machine was connected to a wire that was connected to another telegraph machine far away. The message would be sent through the wire and come out of the other machine as a series of dots, lines, and blanks. Once the message was received, someone could figure out what it said.

Later, the telephone was invented. This allowed people to transmit not just messages but actual sounds and voices over the wires. This let people talk to each other even if they were far away. Then, long distance communication was improved even further by radios, satellites, and computers. With radios, people could use special radio waves to send information in the air so that someone holding a radio receiver could receive it. With satellites, signals could be sent really far away and even into space! Standards like fiber optics, which uses light signals instead of radio signals, were developed to make communication faster and more reliable. With computers, people developed the Internet which allowed pretty much anything to be sent and received over a network of computers.

Today, telecommunications are continuing to advance. 5G technology and high speed internet are allowing us to communicate better and faster than ever before.