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Islam in Mali

Islam is a religion that lots of people follow all over the world, including in Mali. Mali is a country in Africa, and lots of the people who live there are Muslim, which means they believe in Islam. When Islam came to Mali a really long time ago, it changed how people in Mali lived and what they believed in.

Muslims in Mali like to pray, which means talking to God. They also fast during a holy month called Ramadan, which means they don't eat or drink during the day. Muslims in Mali also believe in something called the Qu'ran, which is a holy book that tells them how to be good people.

There are lots of different types of Muslims in Mali, but most of them follow the teachings of a man named Ahmadu Bamba. He taught people how to be good Muslims and how to treat each other with kindness and respect. Ahmadu Bamba is really important to the people of Mali, and they celebrate him every year on his birthday.

Overall, Islam is really important to the people of Mali. It helps them feel connected to each other, to God, and to the world around them.