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Presumption of innocence

Okay, so you know how sometimes people get in trouble and they have to go to court? Well, when someone goes to court, everyone has to pretend they don't know if the person did anything wrong or not.

This is called the "presumption of innocence." It means that just because someone is accused of something, it doesn't mean they did it.

So, let's say you accidentally knock a lamp over and your mom thinks you did it on purpose. You might feel like you're in trouble even though you didn't mean to do it! But if your mom takes you to court, the judge and everyone else there will pretend they don't know if you did it on purpose or not.

Instead, they'll ask you questions and look at evidence to decide if you really did it on purpose or if it was just an accident. And if they can't be sure, then you'll be presumed innocent.

This is important because it's not fair to punish someone if you don't know for sure if they did something wrong. It's always better to be safe than sorry and give people the benefit of the doubt!
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