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Robotic pet

A robotic pet is like a toy animal that can move and make sounds just like a real pet, but it is made of metal and plastic instead of living flesh and blood.

Think of your favorite stuffed animal that you play with, cuddle, and take with you wherever you go. A robotic pet is like that, but it has wires, motors, and batteries inside of it that help it to move around and respond to your touch and voice.

You can play with a robotic pet just like a real pet by petting it, feeding it, or playing games with it. Some robotic pets can even learn new tricks and follow your commands or interact with other robotic pets.

The best part about a robotic pet is that it doesn't require the same level of care and attention as a real pet. You don't have to worry about feeding it, cleaning up after it, or taking it for walks. It can also be a great companion for people who can't have a real pet due to allergies, living in an apartment, or other reasons.

So basically, a robotic pet is a fun and interactive toy that looks and acts like a real pet, but doesn't need as much care and attention as a real pet would need.