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Stephen Webb (scientist)

Stephen Webb is a very smart man who studies things using science. He likes to look at the world and ask questions like "how does this work?" or "why does this happen?" He is really good at figuring out the answers to these questions because he has learned a lot about how things work in the world.

Stephen Webb's favorite thing to study is called "astrophysics," which is a fancy word for studying things that are really far away in space, like planets and stars and galaxies. He uses special tools like telescopes to look at these things so he can understand them better.

Stephen Webb also likes to think about big questions, like "are we alone in the universe?" (meaning, is there other life out there in space?) or "what happens when we die?" (meaning, what happens to us after our bodies stop working?). These questions are really hard to answer, but Stephen Webb tries his best using science to figure them out.

In summary, Stephen Webb is a really smart scientist who studies things using science, especially things that are far away in space like planets and stars and galaxies. He also thinks about big questions that are hard to answer, like whether there is other life in the universe or what happens to us after we die.