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Underwater cycling

Underwater cycling is like riding a bike, but instead of being on a road or trail, you are in a swimming pool or tank filled with water. You wear special equipment that allows you to breathe air while you pedal. This equipment includes a mask or helmet with a mouthpiece that you can bite down on, and a tank of compressed air that is attached to your back. This helps you to breathe while you cycle underwater.

When you start cycling, the bike is anchored to the bottom of the tank, so you don't float away. You pedal just like you would on a regular bike, but because you are in water, there's more resistance. This means it is harder to pedal, and you have to work harder to go the same distance. But this also makes it a great workout for your body, especially your legs!

While you are cycling, you can see the underwater world around you through your mask, which is really cool. You may see fish, plants, and maybe even other people swimming or playing underwater. Some people use underwater cycling as a form of exercise or therapy, while others do it just for fun or as a unique experience.

Underwater cycling can be a lot of fun and a great way to stay active and healthy, but it's important to make sure you have the right equipment and are trained in how to use it safely. So, it’s always best to do it with the help of a professional instructor, just to be safe.