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Weed of cultivation

Okay kiddo, let's talk about "weed of cultivation". These are plants that grow along with the crops that farmers cultivate, but are not supposed to be there. Think of it like when you try to clean up your toys and you find some unwanted things mixed up with them.

Weed of cultivation can grow really fast and take up the nutrients, water, and sunlight that are meant for the crops that the farmer wants to grow. This can make it difficult for the crop to grow well and cause problems for the farmer.

To solve this, farmers use herbicides or other methods to get rid of the weed of cultivation. Herbicides are chemicals that are sprayed or placed on the unwanted plants to kill them. Other methods include hand-picking the weeds, using machines for tilling the soil or mulching to cover the ground and prevent weed growth.

So, weed of cultivation are just like unwanted toys mixed up with your favorite toys, except they are plants that farmers need to get rid of so that the crops can grow healthy and strong!
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