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Borders of India

India has a big puzzle piece-like shape on the map, with all sorts of squiggly lines around the edges. Those squiggly lines are called borders, and they separate India from its neighboring countries.

You can think of borders like lines you draw on a piece of paper when playing with your friends. Those lines tell you where your part of the paper is and where your friend's part of the paper is.

Borders work the same way, but for countries instead of friends. They tell you where India's land is and where other countries' land is.

India shares borders with several countries. On the top, there's China and Nepal. On the left, there's Pakistan. On the right, there's Bhutan and Bangladesh. And down below the bottom, there's the Indian Ocean.

Each of these borders was created in different ways. Some were made after wars and conflicts, while others were drawn up during peaceful negotiations.

So next time you look at a map of India, remember that those squiggly lines are borders that tell us where one country ends and another begins!