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Caesarea Maritima

Caesarea Maritima is like a really old city that was built a long time ago by really important people. It's in a place called Israel, which is far away from where we live. People used to live there a long time ago and they built really fancy things like big walls and buildings. They also had a really big theater where they would go to watch plays and shows.

The really cool thing about Caesarea Maritima is that it's right by the ocean. People could go to the beach and swim in the water whenever they wanted. The people who lived there were really rich and they had a lot of money. They even built a really big palace that was really fancy and had lots of rooms.

Even though Caesarea Maritima is really old, people still go there to visit today. They can see all the old buildings and imagine what it was like to live there a long time ago. It's like taking a trip back in time!