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Cannabis tea

Cannabis tea is just like regular tea, but instead of regular tea leaves, you use leaves from a cannabis plant. The leaves are first dried and then boiled in water to release the chemicals in the plant, known as cannabinoids, which can give you a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and pain relief.

Think of the cannabinoids like the ingredients in a recipe that make you feel good. When you make cannabis tea, you're getting those ingredients out of the plant and into the water so you can drink them.

However, cannabis tea might taste bitter on its own, so people usually add sweeteners like honey and milk to make it taste better.

It's important to remember that cannabis tea can be very strong, so you should be careful with the amount you drink. It's also not recommended for children to drink cannabis tea because it can make them feel dizzy or confused.

Overall, cannabis tea is just like any other tea that you might have at home, but it has special ingredients from the cannabis plant that can make you feel good, and it's not for everyone.