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Clerical celibacy

Clerical celibacy means that people who become priests or other kinds of church leaders are not allowed to get married or have a romantic relationship. This rule has been around for a very long time in some religions, like the Catholic Church.

It's kind of like a special rule for people who want to become priests. It means that they can't have a family of their own, but instead they focus all of their energy on helping other people in the church.

The idea is that if they don't have a spouse or children to worry about, they can devote all their attention to their religious work. It's kind of like how kids can do their homework faster if they don't have to worry about playing video games or watching TV.

Some people might think it's a strange rule, but it's been a part of religion for a very long time. And for people who want to become priests, it's an important decision they have to make before taking on that role.
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