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Education in the Empire of Japan

The Empire of Japan was a country that existed from 1868 to 1945. During this time, the government had a lot of control over what happened in the country. One of the things that the government was in charge of was education.

Education in the Empire of Japan meant that children went to school and learned about things like reading, writing, math, and history. It also meant that the schools taught people about the beliefs and values of the Empire of Japan. That meant that people had to learn about the emperor and the government and show respect to them. It also meant that Japanese culture, like the language and different customs, was taught in schools.

Schools were mostly free and children went from a young age and stayed until they were teenagers. Schools were also divided into different levels so that as children grew older and got better at learning, they learned more difficult subjects.

At the end of their schooling, children would take an exam to get a certificate showing they had completed the schooling. This certificate was important because it let employers know that they had the knowledge and skills to do certain jobs.

In the Empire of Japan, education was very important and it helped shape the country into what it was. It helped people learn about the values and beliefs of the Empire and helped them get good jobs.