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Einstein protocol

The Einstein protocol is a set of instructions, or rules, that scientists use to communicate their ideas and findings in a clear and consistent way.

Imagine you and your friend want to play a game, but you can't agree on the rules. One person thinks it's okay to run with the ball, while the other thinks you have to walk. This can cause confusion and frustration, and makes it hard to have fun playing together. Scientists face a similar problem when they conduct experiments and share their results - everyone needs to "play by the same rules" so that their work can be understood and trusted by others.

The Einstein Protocol was created to solve this problem by providing a universal framework that all scientists can follow when they report their research. This includes things like clearly defining their research question, explaining how they conducted the experiment, and accurately presenting their data. By following these rules, scientists can communicate their work clearly and effectively to other researchers, helping to build a shared understanding of the world around us.
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