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Exclusive economic zone of India

Okay kiddo, imagine you have a big playground where you play with your friends. Now, think of a special area of the playground that only you and your family can go to. That's called your special zone.

In the same way, India has a special zone called the Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ. It's an area that stretches 200 nautical miles or about 370 kilometers from India's coastline into the ocean.

Inside this special zone, India has exclusive rights to explore, use and manage the natural resources found there such as fish, oil, minerals, etc.

It's like having your own special treasure box where you can keep your favorite toy or a yummy snack that only you can have.

However, other countries can pass through the EEZ for peaceful purposes like navigation and scientific research, but they cannot take away any resources from there without India's permission.

So, just like you have your own special zone in the playground, India has its own special zone in the ocean called the Exclusive Economic Zone!