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Flying arch

You know how sometimes you might see a big rainbow in the sky after it rains? Well, imagine if that rainbow was made out of a special kind of fabric and put onto a big structure that could fly! That's kind of what a flying arch is.

A flying arch is a type of balloon that looks sort of like a rainbow or an arch made out of lots of different colors. It's made from a strong, flexible material called PVC or nylon, which is inflated with gas like helium, just like a regular balloon.

The big difference is that, instead of just floating in one place, this balloon is attached to a big structure made out of metal, so it can fly around like a kite or a big, colorful bird.

People use flying arches for all kinds of things, from advertising and promoting products or events to just making the sky look pretty. They're often seen at highly visible events like parades, sporting events, and festivals.

So, in short: a flying arch is a big, rainbow-colored balloon that's attached to a structure and can fly around. It's used for lots of things, including advertising and making events look more fun and exciting!
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