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Funeral cosmetology

Okay kiddo, so when someone dies and their family wants to have a funeral for them, it's a special event where everyone comes together to remember and say goodbye to the person who passed away. Sometimes, the body of the person who died is prepared by a special person called a funeral cosmetologist.

A funeral cosmetologist is someone who makes the person who died look nice and peaceful for their funeral. They use special makeup and tools to make sure the person looks like themselves, even though they are no longer alive.

The funeral cosmetologist will do things like clean the person's face and hair, and use makeup to make their skin look healthy and their features look the way they did when they were alive. They might also apply special creams to the person's hands to make them look softer and more lifelike.

It's important that the person who died looks good for their funeral so that the people who were close to them can have a nice last memory of them. The funeral cosmetologist is there to make sure that happens.
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