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Geology of India

Okay kiddo, geology is like studying the rocks, mountains, and the earth's surface. India is a big country with a lot of diversity in its geology. Let me tell you all about it!

India has the Himalayan mountain range in the north which is the youngest and highest mountain range in the world. It was formed when the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate millions of years ago. It has a lot of granite rocks which are really hard and shiny.

In the northeast, there is a region called Assam which has a lot of oil and gas reserves. These were formed millions of years ago when the dead plants and animals were buried deep under the earth and over time, these fossils turned into oil and gas.

The Deccan plateau in the south is made up of volcanic rocks that are millions of years old. It has a lot of caves which have formed due to erosion and weathering of these rocks by water and wind.

In the western part of India, there are a lot of sedimentary rocks which were formed from the deposits of sand, clay, and other materials over millions of years. These rocks have fossils of different animals and plants which help us understand the history of life on earth.

India also has a lot of coastal areas which have beaches and coral reefs. Coral reefs are made up of tiny animals called corals which build a hard structure over time. These reefs are home to many kinds of marine life.

Geology of India is really interesting and gives us a lot of information about the history of our planet.