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Hooping is a fun activity where you use a big round circle made of plastic or some other material and spin it around your waist, arms, or legs. You can even throw and catch it, too!

Imagine you have a hula hoop (that's what grown-ups call a hoop) and you want to see how long you can spin it on your waist. You stand inside the circle and hold it up to your tummy. You move your hips around, and the hoop starts to spin around you. Now, the trick is to keep it going for as long as possible without letting it fall down. It takes practice and concentration!

Once you get the hang of it on your waist, you can try spinning the hoop on your arms or legs. Some people even use two or more hoops and spin them in different directions at the same time!

Hooping is a great way to exercise, have fun, and learn new tricks. There are even contests where people show off their hooping skills and compete to see who can do the most creative things with their hoop!
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