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ISO 3103

ISO 3103 is like a recipe for making tea. Just like your parents have a recipe for making your favorite cookies, ISO 3103 has a recipe for making tea that everyone can follow.

But, why do we need a recipe for making tea? Well, because everyone might have a different way of making tea, and it can be hard to compare the teas made by different people. So, ISO 3103 helps to standardize how tea is made so that everyone can taste and compare the same tea.

The recipe tells us exactly how much tea we should use, how much water we should use, and how long we should let the tea steep. It even tells us the temperature of the water and the type of tea pot we should use! This way, we can make sure that all the variables are the same between different cups of tea.

So, next time you make tea, you can follow ISO 3103 and be sure that your cup of tea will taste just like the cup of tea that someone on the other side of the world made!