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Orbital hybridisation

Orbital hybridisation is like mixing colors together to create a new color. You know how you can mix the colors red and yellow to make orange? Orbital hybridization works kind of like that.

Atoms are like little puzzle pieces that fit together to make molecules. They have different parts called orbitals that are like puzzle pieces of their own.

When atoms come together to form molecules, their orbitals can overlap and combine, kind of like putting two puzzle pieces together. Sometimes the orbitals mix together and create new, hybrid orbitals. It's like mixing red and yellow to get orange - two things coming together to create something new.

These hybrid orbitals can then bond with other atoms in the molecule to create stronger, more stable bonds. It's kind of like how it's easier to hold onto a big balloon than a bunch of small balloons tied together.

In short, orbital hybridisation is when orbitals from different atoms mix together to create new hybrid orbitals, which can then bond with other atoms to form stronger, more stable molecules.