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Phenolic content in wine

Have you ever had grape juice before? Well, when you leave grape juice in a cup for a while, it starts to turn into something else called wine. Wine is a special kind of drink that grown-ups like to enjoy with dinner or as a special treat.

Inside the grapes that are used to make wine, there are special things called phenols. Phenols are like little bits that help give the wine its color and taste. They are kind of like the sprinkles you put on ice cream that make it look more colorful and tasty.

When you drink wine, these little phenols can also help make you healthier! They can help protect your body from bad things called free radicals. It's like having a superhero inside your body that helps fight off bad guys and keep you healthy.

So, when grown-ups talk about the "phenolic content" in wine, they are talking about how many of these special phenols are inside the wine. The more phenols, the better it is for your health and the tastier the wine might be!