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Sidesaddle is a special type of saddle that girls and ladies can use when they ride horses. Normally, when you ride a horse, you sit in the saddle with one leg on each side. But, with a sidesaddle, the rider sits sideways on the horse with both legs on one side.

The sidesaddle has a high pommel (a raised part at the front) and a lower cantle (a raised part at the back) that helps the rider stay balanced and secure while they ride. The rider's right leg goes over the pommel and rests on a special leather strap called a "stirrup iron," while their left leg hangs down the side of the horse.

Riding sidesaddle takes a lot of practice and skill, but it can be very useful for women who want to ride horses while wearing a skirt or dress. It's also been used for centuries as a way for ladies to ride horses in a more "feminine" way, as it was considered immodest for women to ride astride (with both legs on one side).

However, these days, most women choose to ride astride since it's considered safer and more comfortable. So, while the sidesaddle may seem like an old-fashioned way to ride horses, it still holds a special place in history and continues to be used by some riders today.
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