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A tanbur is like a musical instrument that looks like a stringed guitar, played by people who want to make beautiful music. It has a long skinny neck and a round body with a hole in the middle. The tanbur is usually made out of wood, and it can have three or four strings stretched tight across the neck.

When somebody wants to play a tanbur, they use their fingers to pluck or strike the strings just right. This makes the strings vibrate and create different sounds that blend together to make beautiful music. It's like playing a game where you have to hit the right notes to make a pretty tune, but instead of a game, it's real life music.

People have been playing the tanbur for thousands of years, and they have different types of music they like to make with it, depending on where they are from. Some people play it for fun, while others play it for religious or cultural reasons. But no matter why they play it, the tanbur always makes people feel happy and connected to their music and culture.
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