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Tea strainer

Okay kiddo, have you ever watched your parents or grandparents make tea and they have this small thing on top of the cup that they pour the tea through? That's called a tea strainer!

So, when you make tea, you usually put some loose tea leaves or flowers in hot water to steep (kind of like soaking them in the water to release their flavor). But when you pour the tea into your cup, you don't want any little pieces of leaves or flowers in there because that would be yucky to drink.

That's where the tea strainer comes in! It's like a little sieve or mesh bowl that you put on top of your cup. When you pour the tea through the strainer, it catches all the little pieces of leaves and flowers and keeps them out of your cup.

Some tea strainers are small and fit right over the top of your cup, and some are bigger and fit into a whole teapot. But they all do the same job, which is to make sure your tea is flavorful and smooth, without any little bits floating in it.
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