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Technicum (German education)

Okay kiddo, so a technicum is a type of school in Germany that gives very practical and hands-on education in technical and engineering fields.

Imagine you're building a castle out of blocks. You have to figure out how to put all the different pieces together so the castle doesn't fall down, right? Well, kids who go to a technicum learn how to do similar things in real life but with things like machines, cars and computers.

In this school, you learn lots of things like math and technical drawing, but you also get to work with real machines and tools, so you can see how things are actually built and fixed.

Some students even get the chance to work with companies and other professionals in their field, so they can start learning even more advanced skills.

Overall, a technicum is a place where you can learn how to do practical things that involve math, science and engineering. It's like becoming a master builder, but instead of blocks, you're learning how to make real-world things!