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action on smoking and health

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is an organization that helps people quit smoking and encourages the government to make laws that protect people from the harmful effects of smoking.

Smoking is when people use a special kind of plant called tobacco to make cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. When someone smokes tobacco, it can cause many serious health problems like cancer, lung disease, and heart attacks.

ASH helps people who smoke by providing information about the best ways to quit. They also help people who want to quit by supporting them and giving them resources like nicotine patches, gum, and other tools to help them stop smoking.

ASH also talks to governments and lawmakers to make sure that they create rules to prevent smoking in public places, restrict advertising for tobacco products, and raise taxes on cigarettes to make them more expensive. These rules help keep people safe from the harmful effects of smoking and make it harder for people to start smoking in the first place.

Overall, ASH is an important organization that works hard to help people quit smoking and protect others from the harmful effects of tobacco.