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analog signal

Analog signals are kind of like the way we talk to each other. When you talk to your friend, your voice makes little vibrations in the air that travel to your friend's ear. Those vibrations are like an analog signal.

Now imagine your voice is a wave, like a wave in the ocean. The wave can be big or small, and it can have different shapes. That wave is like an analog signal because it can change in many different ways.

Analog signals are used in things like music players, radios, and televisions. When you listen to music on a record player, the sound is stored on the record in a wavy shape, just like your voice. When the record player reads that wavy shape, it plays the music.

But sometimes, we need to turn these analog signals into digital signals so we can store them on our phones or computers. This is kind of like taking a picture of the wave and turning it into a bunch of numbers.

So analog signals are kind of like waves that carry sound or information, and we can turn them into digital signals by taking pictures of the waves.