ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

art dealer

Okay kiddo, do you know what art is? It's like when you draw or paint pretty pictures, right?

Now imagine that you're really good at making these pictures, and people like them so much that they want to buy them. But sometimes it's hard to find people who want to buy your art, or to figure out how much money to ask for it.

That's where art dealers come in. They're people who know a lot about art and can help artists sell their work. They might have a fancy gallery where they display the art and invite people to come see it.

Art dealers also help artists figure out how much their art is worth based on things like how popular the artist is, how good the art is, and how rare it is. They also negotiate with people who want to buy the art to get the best price for the artist.

So basically, an art dealer is like a helper for artists who want to sell their art, and they know a lot about what makes art valuable and how to sell it for a fair price.