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art of mathura

The art of Mathura is a style of ancient Indian art that was created by artists who lived in the city of Mathura about 2000 years ago. These artists created many beautiful sculptures and paintings that depicted gods, goddesses, and other important figures from Hinduism and Buddhism.

Now, think of art like your coloring book or markers. Just like you use your markers to make pretty pictures, these artists used materials like stone, clay, and paint to make their art. But instead of coloring books, they used big sculptures and paintings to express their ideas and beliefs.

The people of Mathura believed in many gods and goddesses, and the artists reflected this in their art by making sculptures and paintings of these gods and goddesses. They made them look very special by using very detailed decorations, like fancy jewelry or special symbols that represented the gods.

Another important part of Mathura art was showing the actions and stories of the gods and goddesses. Just like you tell stories with your books, these artists used their art to show the stories of the gods and goddesses, like how they helped people or fought battles. They used their sculptures and paintings to tell these stories and show the different emotions of the characters.

Overall, the art of Mathura was very special because it helped the people to connect with their beliefs and feel closer to their gods and goddesses. And just like how you feel happy when you make a pretty picture, the people of Mathura felt happy and connected to their beliefs when they saw these beautiful sculptures and paintings.