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autonomous rail rapid transit

Autonomous rail rapid transit is like a really cool train that drives itself! Just like how you can tell a toy car to go forward or backward using a remote control, the train has a special computer that tells it where to go and how fast to go.

This is very helpful because it means we don't need a person to drive the train, which can save money and time. Plus, the computer is really good at making sure the train stays on the tracks and stops at the right places along the way.

So, imagine getting on this train and sitting down in a seat as it starts moving. You can relax and enjoy the ride while the computer does all of the hard work.

But don't worry, even though there may not be a driver, there are still people who make sure the train is working properly and keep it clean and safe for everyone on board.

Overall, autonomous rail rapid transit is a really cool way to get from one place to another, all while feeling safe and secure knowing the computer is in charge.