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Beyblades are toys that you can spin around and battle against your friends. Each beyblade has different parts like the top and the bottom, and some even have special features like spikes or different shapes.

To use a beyblade, you first need to put it together by attaching the top and the bottom pieces. Then, you wind it up and place it on a special platform called a Bey stadium. When you let go of your beyblade, it spins around and can knock over other beyblades that are in the stadium.

The goal of beyblade is to use your beyblade to knock your opponent's beyblades out of the stadium while keeping yours spinning. The last beyblade spinning in the stadium wins the battle!

You can collect different beyblades and even customize them with different parts to make them stronger or faster. It's a fun game that requires some skill and strategy, but also allows for creativity and imagination.
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