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box canyon

A box canyon is like a very narrow valley that is surrounded by tall and steep rock walls on all sides, just like a box. Imagine if you had a big cardboard box with really high walls all around it, and you were standing inside that box looking up at the walls - that's what a box canyon looks like.

Box canyons are often formed by water carving its way through the rocks over a long period of time. When a river or stream cuts through the rock this way, it creates a very narrow and often winding passage that can be difficult to navigate.

Because of their unique shape and steep walls, box canyons can be dangerous places. It's important to be careful and aware of your surroundings when exploring a box canyon, as the walls can be slippery and there may be hidden dangers like rockfalls or sudden drops.

But box canyons can also be very beautiful and interesting places to explore, with unique rock formations, waterfalls, and wildlife to discover. Just make sure you have a grown-up with you who can help you stay safe!