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Bundwerk is a German word that means "timber framing" in English. It's a special way of building houses and other buildings using wooden beams, posts, and braces.

Imagine you are building a house out of Legos. You would start by building the walls using flat Lego pieces. But, with bundwerk, you would use long, thick wooden beams that fit together like puzzle pieces. These beams hold up the walls and roof of the building.

The wooden pieces are cut specifically to fit together, kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. This makes the building stronger and less likely to fall down in strong winds or earthquakes.

Bundwerk has been used in Europe for hundreds of years, and it's still used today in modern construction. It's a really cool way to build because it uses natural materials like wood instead of man-made materials like concrete and steel. Plus, it looks really pretty and adds character to buildings.