ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

caber toss

Okay kiddo, have you ever seen those big guys in kilts throwing giant tree trunks? That's called the caber toss!

So, the caber is actually a long, heavy pole - kinda like a tree trunk - that's usually made out of wood. The goal of the caber toss is to pick up that pole, balance it on one end (the thicker end), and then toss it end over end so that it lands straight in front of you.

Now, this might sound easy, but it's actually really hard! Cabers can weigh up to 150 pounds and be over 20 feet long, so it takes a lot of strength and skill to pick it up and throw it.

The way you toss the caber is also really important. You have to run up to it, pick it up, and then use your momentum to swing it up and over your shoulder so that the thinner end points up in the air. Then, you have to hold it steady in that vertical position for a second or two before giving it a big heave-ho so that it flips end over end.

The idea is to get the caber to land straight in front of you, ideally pointing directly away from you, like a clock hand at 12 o'clock. The judges will give you points based on how well you throw the caber - the angle it lands at, how straight it is, and how far it goes.

Overall, the caber toss is a really cool part of Scottish games and requires a lot of strength, skill, and balance to do well!