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car condo

A car condo is like a big house for cars! Imagine you have a lot of toy cars, but there's not enough space to keep them in your room. So you build a special house just for your toy cars. That's what people do for their real cars in a car condo.

It's a big building, like a garage, with lots of spaces for cars. People can buy one or more spaces in the building and keep their cars there. It's like having your own parking spot, but it's inside a big building instead of outside.

The car condo is usually very safe and secure, with cameras and alarms to make sure nobody steals or damages the cars. People also take care of their cars in the car condo, like cleaning them and making sure they work properly.

So, a car condo is a special place where people keep their cars, and it's like a big house for those cars. It's a safe and secure place to store your car when you're not using it.