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cardan suspension

Imagine you're riding a bike and you hit a bump in the road. Your bike will shake and bounce, making it harder for you to keep your balance.

Cardan suspension is a special type of suspension system that helps to reduce that bouncing and make your ride smoother. It works by using two connective rods (called 'arms') attached to your bike's frame and wheels. These rods are designed to pivot when you hit a bump, which allows the wheels to move up and down without jerking the frame.

Think of it like a seesaw. When one end is pushed down, the other end goes up, and the pivot (or fulcrum) in the middle helps to keep both sides stable. The connective rods in cardan suspension act like that pivot, allowing the wheels to move up and down independently while keeping the frame steady. This helps to reduce the amount of bouncing and shaking you feel while riding.

Cardan suspension is often used on motorcycles and other vehicles that need to be able to handle rough terrain or bumpy roads. By absorbing the shock of bumps and dips, it helps to keep the rider comfortable and in control, even when the going gets rough!
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