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common weakness enumeration

Common Weakness Enumeration, or CWE, is like a big book that tells you all the different ways that people can break into a computer system or a website. It's like having a list of all the bad guys' tricks, so that you can protect your computer or website from being attacked.

The book is divided into sections, and each section has a different type of trick. For example, one section might be about how a hacker uses something called "buffer overflow" to take control of a computer program. Another section might be about how a hacker can find a way to get into a website by guessing passwords.

Each type of trick has a number, so that you can easily find it in the book. This book is also constantly being updated with new tricks as they are discovered by cybersecurity experts, so it's always up to date.

When you're building a computer program or a website, you can use this book to make sure that you're protected from all the tricks that the bad guys might try to use. You can also use it to test your program or website to make sure that it's safe from attacks.

By using the Common Weakness Enumeration, you can make sure that your computer or website is safe and secure, just like a superhero!