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country dance

Country dance is a type of social dance that people do with a group of friends or other dancers to music. It is typically performed in pairs or with a group of couples. This type of dance is often seen at parties, weddings, or other social events.

The movements for country dance can be easy to follow and often involve simple steps such as heel-toe, hop, and spin. There are different types of country dances, but some of the most popular ones include line dancing, square dancing, and two-step.

Line dancing is when a group of people stand in lines and do dance moves in unison. The steps are usually repeated over and over again and can be done to any type of music. Square dancing is similar to line dancing, but involves a group of eight people forming a square and performing a series of coordinated steps.

Two-step is a dance that involves two people dancing together in a circular motion. The steps are typically easy to follow, and the dance is often done to country music.

Country dance is a fun way to socialize with other people and get some exercise in the process. It is a great way to learn new dance moves and is easy to get started with. So, grab a partner or head to the dance floor, put on some music and start country dancing!