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crown (heraldry)

Think of a crown as a special hat that a king or queen wears. But in heraldry, a crown is a symbol that represents royalty and power.

A crown is usually made up of points (called "lilypoints") that stick up like a fence around the head. The number of points on a crown can tell you how important the person wearing it is. For example, a king might wear a crown with lots of points, while a prince might wear one with fewer points.

The shapes on the crown can also have different meanings. Some crowns have crosses on them, which represent Christianity. Others have fleur-de-lis, which is a type of flower and represents French royalty.

In heraldry, a crown is often used as a symbol on a coat of arms. This helps people identify the family or person it belongs to, and also shows their rank and status.

So, a crown is a special symbol that represents royalty and power, and is often worn by kings and queens. It has points and shapes that have different meanings and is used in heraldry to identify families and their rank.
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