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Cup-a-soup is like magic soup that comes in a little cup. You can make it super quickly and easily whenever you're feeling hungry and want something warm to eat. All you need to do is open the little pack of soup mix and pour it into the cup. Then, you add hot water (from a kettle or a microwave) and stir it all up with a spoon. Ta-da! You have a warm cup of delicious soup ready to eat!

There are lots of different flavors of cup-a-soup, like chicken noodle, tomato, or vegetable. Some cup-a-soups also have special ingredients like croutons or noodles that you can add after you've made the soup. It's a great snack or mini-meal when you're feeling a little bit peckish. Just be careful, because the soup will be very hot when you first make it, so make sure to let it cool down for a little bit before you take a big sip!