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currencies of the european union

Okay, so let's talk about the money we use in Europe. You know how we use dollars to buy things in America? Well, different countries in Europe used to have their own types of money too, like France used the "franc" and Germany used the "mark".

But then, a bunch of countries in Europe decided to work together and form a group called the European Union. They wanted to make things easier for people who did business and traveled between different countries. One thing they decided to do was to make a special type of money that everyone in the European Union could use.

This special money is called the euro. It looks different from dollars because it has pictures of famous buildings and bridges from different parts of Europe on it.

So now, if you go to Germany or France or any other country in the European Union, you can use the same money, the euro, to buy things. It's kinda like how we can use dollars in different states in America.

So, that's why we have the euro in Europe – it makes it easier for people to do business and travel between different countries!