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disabled veteran street vendors

So, imagine there are some people who used to fight in wars to keep us safe. These people are called veterans. Sometimes when these veterans come back home, they may have some health problems or injuries that make it really hard for them to get a regular job.

Instead of doing nothing at home, some of these veterans choose to sell things on the street. They might set up a little stand or cart to sell things like hot dogs, flowers, or other nice things.

These veterans are called disabled veterans because they might have a harder time than other people when walking or doing other things. But they are still able to sell things on the street because it doesn't require as much physical effort as some other jobs.

When we see these street vendors, we can show them respect and appreciation for their service to our country by buying something from them if we can. The more things they sell, the more money they can make to support themselves and their families.