ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Okay kiddo, let me try to explain what dishoarding means in a simple way. Dishoarding is when someone has too much of something, like toys or candy, and they decide to give some of it away or sell it, so that they don't have too much clutter and can make space for new things.

It's like when you have a lot of toys in your room and you can't find the ones you want to play with or there's no room to play. So you decide to give some of your toys to your siblings or friends who might enjoy playing with them too, and you can make space for new toys that you really want.

Adults do this too. They might have a lot of clothes they don't wear anymore or old electronics that they don't need. So they decide to sell them or donate them to people who could use them, instead of letting them take up space and gather dust in their homes.

Dishoarding helps people simplify their lives and reduce stress from having too much stuff. And it also helps others who might need those things more than we do.