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diversity factor

Diversity factor is kind of like sharing your toys with your friends. You know how you have a lot of toys, but your friend only has a few? If you share your toys with your friend, you both have more toys to play with!

In the same way, a diversity factor is used to measure how much resources are being shared between different things. For example, if you have a lot of electrical devices like lights, fans, and computers in a room, they all need electricity to work. However, they don't all need electricity at the same time.

If all the devices in the room needed electricity at once, the power source might not be able to handle it! That's where the diversity factor comes in. It helps measure how much electricity is needed by those devices altogether, and how much can be shared between them depending on how often each device needs it.

So, if some devices only need electricity for a short amount of time, you can use that same amount of electricity to power another device when it needs it. With a good diversity factor, you can make the most of your resources while making sure everything runs smoothly.
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