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donkey jacket

Hey kiddo! So, have you ever seen a donkey before? They're really cute and furry, right? Well, people used to wear jackets that looked kind of like donkeys!

Now, these jackets were made from a tough and warm material called wool, which is great for keeping you cozy in cold weather. But what's really special about donkey jackets is that they have a special pattern on the shoulders. This pattern kind of looks like a diamond or a square, and it's made of leather.

So why do people call them donkey jackets? Well, back in the olden days (before mommy and daddy were born!), workers used to wear these jackets when they were doing hard physical labor like building or digging. It was kind of like their uniform! And since donkeys are hard-working animals too, people thought the jackets looked like something donkeys would wear if they had to work.

But don't worry, kiddo, you don't have to wear a donkey jacket if you don't want to! There are plenty of other jackets out there that will keep you warm and stylish.