ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Alright, kiddo, let's talk about dory!

Dory is a type of fish that lives in the ocean. It's also the name of a silly blue fish character from a famous movie called Finding Nemo.

Dories swim around in large groups called schools, and they are usually about the size of your hand or a little bit bigger. They have big eyes and a pointy snout, which helps them to catch their food.

Dories like to eat small fish, shrimp, and other tiny sea creatures. They use their sharp teeth to chomp down on their prey and they swim really fast to catch them.

But unlike most fish, dories don't have scales. Instead, their skin is covered in a thick layer of mucus that helps protect them from predators and parasites. That's why they look so slimy!

There are many different types of dories, including the John Dory, which has a big black spot on its side that looks like an eye. This is thought to help scare off predators. There's also the Pacific Dory, which lives in the waters around Hawaii and has a unique diamond-shaped body.

Overall, dories are fascinating fish that play an important role in the ocean ecosystem. They may not be as famous as some of their underwater neighbors, but they're definitely worth learning about!