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douglas engelbart

Douglas Engelbart was a person who made really cool things that helped people use computers better. He was like a really smart adult, but he wanted to make things that even kids could use.

One of the things he made is called a computer mouse. Have you ever used a computer? The little thing you move around with your hand that makes the arrow on the screen move too? That’s the mouse! Douglas Engelbart made it in the 1960s, and it made it a lot easier for people to use computers because they didn’t have to type everything in.

Engelbart also made a lot of other things that are important for using computers today, like ways to copy and paste things, and ways to communicate with people far away through the computer. He even made a computer system that could keep track of all the things people were working on together, which is something we still use today!

So basically, Douglas Engelbart was a really smart man who made lots of things to make computers easier to use, and his inventions are still used today by lots of people all over the world!